AU launches new skilled migration visa with travel exemptions

skilled migration visa

AU launches new skilled migration visa with travel exemptions

Australia has announced a new skilled visa that will exempt travellers from entry requirements in a bid to fast-track the country’s post-pandemic economic recovery.

The new visa, labelled the Temporary Activity visa (subclass 408), will allow a rapid relocation of migrant workers who travel to Australia and participate in several specific types of work under Australia’s “Post Covid-19 Economic Recovery Event”.

The visa will allow skilled migrants to move to Australia with a government-issued travel exemption and aid businesses that are deemed critical to the Australian economy by the Global Business and Attraction Taskforce.

Australia’s new subclass 408 visa will have 10 streams for skilled migrants to apply under:

  • Australian Government Endorsed Events (up to 4 years);
  • Special Program (up to 12 months);
  • Religious Work (up to 2 years);
  • Research Activities (up to 2 years);
  • Invited for other social and cultural activity (Invited Participant) (up to 3 months);
  • Sporting Activities (up to 2 years);
  • Entertainment Activities (up to 2 years);
  • Superyacht Crew (up to 12 months);
  • Exchange Arrangements (up to 2 years); and
  • Domestic work for executives (up to 2 years).

Applicants who wish to apply for skilled migration to Australia with the subclass 408 visa must have the skills required to undertake the activity they intend to carry out in Australia.

Applicants must also be sponsored or supported, and meet other additional requirements of the relevant streams.

Earlier this year, Australia banned non-citizens and non-residents from entering the country as it tackled a rapidly worsening coronavirus outbreak.

However, such strict measures aggravated Australia’s skills shortage in critical industries and sectors, which led to the announcement of the new subclass 408 visa.

Speaking on the new skilled visa, Australian Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews said that the government is working to bring in top talent from around the world to solidify Australia’s economic recovery following the Covid-19 pandemic.

She also said that the new visa would allow skilled migrants to bring to Australia the skills, investment, and new ideas to benefit Australians and the economy, which would help the country continue to provide essential services for residents and stay competitive for years to come.