Bangladesh ranks second for most PR recipients from Australian govt under GTI program

Global Talent Independent (GTI) Program

Bangladesh ranks second for most PR recipients from Australian govt under GTI program

The Australian government has invited 384 Bangladeshi nationals to apply for permanent residency in Australia under the Global Talent Independent (GTI) Program, which is the fastest pathway to permanent residence in the country.

Between 1 January and 9 September this year, a total of 2,685 invitations have been issued to permanent residence applicants under the GTI program.

During this time, 384 applicants from Bangladesh were selected and invited to apply for Australian immigration with permanent residence under the GTI program, with decisions on immigration being given within 14 days of lodging the application.

Bangladesh, second on the list of the most invited applicants behind only Iran, had more recipients for a Distinguished Talent Visa under the GTI program than the likes of India, China and the UK, which had 265, 218 and 135 successful applicants respectively.

The GTI program, launched in November 2019, is designed to attract talented and highly skilled individuals working in one of the seven ‘future-focused’ sectors targeted by Australia – AgTech, Space and Advanced Manufacturing, FinTech, Energy and Mining Technology, MedTech, Cyber Security, and Quantum Information, Advanced Digital, Data Science and ICT.

To be eligible for this program, applicants must demonstrate the potential of earning a salary equal to or more than the annual income threshold of $153,600 and have their immigration application nominated by an Australian employer in the same field.

The GTI program has been allocated a record number of places for immigration in 2020-2021, with highly skilled professionals being invited to work and live in Australia as permanent residents under this program.