Baby boom saves Western Australia (WA) population from decline

Baby boom saves Western Australia (WA) population from decline

December 18, 2016 PEOPLE are deserting WA at the fastest rate on record but the State’s baby boom is continuing to grow the population. 

Figures from the Bureau of Statistics reveal a net 2805 people left WA for another part of Australia in the three months to the end of June — almost 30 a day. It contributed to the slowest population growth on record for WA. In the three months to the end of June, the State added just 3903 residents, with annual growth slipping to one per cent. 

In the past year, WA has added 27,100 residents, taking the total population to 2.6 million. 

Those leaving WA are mostly heading to Victoria, though the State is now running a “population deficit” with every other part of the country bar South Australia. 

While interstate migration is in the negative, the other traditional driver of WA’s population — international migration — is also slipping. 

A net 996 international migrants moved to WA in the quarter — the smallest number since late 1994. 

The sharp fall in overall population growth, which is now well short of State Budget forecasts, would have been substantially worse if not for a lift in the number of newborns. 

A net 5712 babies became new West Australians in the quarter. 

In the June quarter last year, it was 5138. 

In the past year, natural population growth has accounted for 21,200 of the 27,100 increase in the State’s population. 

Nationally, Australia’s population has reached 24.1 million after adding 78,600 residents in the quarter. 

A record 315,500 babies were born in Australia in the past year, with migration adding another 182,000 people to the continent. 

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