Faster Visa Processing Times for Skilled Migration to Regional Communities

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Faster Visa Processing Times for Skilled Migration to Regional Communities

A new plan proposed by the Australian government will allow for faster visa processing times for skilled migrants moving to the regional areas of Australia.

In addition, officials from the Department of Home Affairs will also travel to the regional areas in order to facilitate the employment of skilled workers in local businesses.

Addressing this issue, Immigration Minister David Coleman said, “There are a number of regions outside Sydney, Melbourne and southeast Queensland who are calling out for skilled migrants.

“These regional initiatives will help these communities and local business attract migrants where they are needed most.”

The new plan will ensure priority processing for employer sponsored visas in regional Australia, in addition to setups where local councils are able to employ skilled migrants to their businesses.

The Designated Area Migration Agreements (DAMA) enables employers to sponsor skilled migrants to fill the vacancies created by an insufficient supply of local workers.

This agreement is already functional in the Northern Territory, while the federal government remains locked in discussions with local governments in the Orana region in New South Wales, Warrnambool in Victoria, and Cairns in Northern Queensland.

Under this agreement, skilled migrants will be assured employment and residence in the regional area of their choice for five years, with potential permanent residence as an Australian further down the line.

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