Hiring remote workers can subside skills shortage in NZ

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Hiring remote workers can subside skills shortage in NZ

New Zealand’s skills shortage, which has deepened further following border closures due to the pandemic, could be alleviated by hiring remote workers.

Since travel restrictions were implemented to tackle the coronavirus pandemic, urgent staff shortages have developed in New Zealand’s fishing, agricultural and fruit sectors.

These shortages have added to an existing paucity of skilled employees in the IT, medical and construction industries in the country.

While many jobs across New Zealand require, at the very least, some physical presence in the workplace, there are many vacancies and shortages which could be filled with remote workers.

Working remotely is become an increasingly popular paradigm shift, especially in the light of the global lockdown imposed by COVID-19.

New Zealand could very well set an example to the rest of the world of how to make proper use of such a paradigm shift, by allowing its industries and businesses to hire remote workers to continue their operations during the pandemic.

If this step is taken, remote workers located in the furthest reaches of New Zealand, Australia or even further beyond could play their part in keeping the country’s economy running at the level which makes New Zealand one of the top migration destinations in the world.