Record number of Australian visas granted, states immigration department report

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Record number of Australian visas granted, states immigration department report

The 2012/13 Australian immigration department reports that a record number of Australian Visas were granted during this time. According to the immigration departmentâ€, ™s annual report Australia’s Migration Programme gained 5,000 places over the previous year with 190,000 places. Australia has never before experienced such a high volume in successful visa applications. Martin Bowles, immigration department secretary commented on the report; “The past year has been one of unprecedented change. The department has dealt with often unpredictable challenges in supporting the government to shape the nation through managing permanent and temporary movements of people in and out of Australia, and in delivering settlement and citizenship programmes.â€_x009d_

“To give an idea of the scope of our work, this year alone Australia had more than 30 million cross border movements by students, tourists and temporary migrants, as well as permanent residents and Australian citizens,â€_x009d_ he added.

“At the same time we responded with speed and flexibility to rapidly changing global circumstances including economic conditions and conflict and civil unrest that influenced the movement of millions of people around the world,â€_x009d_ said Bowles. “Through all of this, we have recognized that each interaction with a client is an interaction with the life of an individual or a family, each with aspirations that we are committed to dealing with fairly and professionally.â€_x009d_

Bowles commented that visitors, holidaymakers, students – preparing to study in Australia, and foreign investors who legally cross the Australian border every year are welcomed into the country and adds value to the country’s workforce. “While we have dealt with a challenging and unpredictable operational environment over the past year, the department has also been instrumental in shaping the future of a prosperous, inclusive Australia.

The department contributes to a cohesive, multicultural Australian society through the promotion of cultural diversity and unifying citizenship, and plays a significant role in building Australia’s future through managed migration.â€_x009d_

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