Study Shows AustraliaĂ¢â‚¬â„¢s Immovable Popularity among Expats

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Study Shows AustraliaĂ¢â‚¬â„¢s Immovable Popularity among Expats

December 10, 2014 The reaction follows a recent study conducted by the Centre for Future Studies that details the locations of British expats abroad, and highlighted Australia’s permanent position of popularity among the market. The survey comprised of results taken from over 1800 British expatriates, with the results showing a resounding 87 per cent now living Down Under. Retaining top spot for a second consecutive year, Australia looks unlikely to be usurped any time soon, as a satisfaction levels among the expats were also at an all-time high.

The desire for a better quality of life and safer environment for their children was cited as a major reason for relocation, with 82 per cent citing this as a key factor in the decision to move. As well as this, 75 per cent believed their families’ health had improved noticeably since the move, and over 66 per cent claiming that they were noticeably wealthier.

Three quarters of those asked were still in employment, rather than of retirement age, something that highlights the prosperous job market across the Australian subcontinent. The survey’s Quality of Life Index underlines the country’s immovable popularity with the British population, and with an economy that can boast an impressive recovery following the downturn in 2008 it is little surprise that it is positioned so far in front of other destinations.

With more and more people moving thousands of miles to start new lives in Australia, the need for comprehensive removal services has never been greater. Cultural assimilation for families, such as assistance in finding schools for children and employment for trade spouses, is often overlooked but nevertheless an integral part of every move. Australia’s popularity in surveys such as this means demand will only continue to rise.

Market leaders in international relocation have released a statement following the report. ‘With Australia accounting for the lion’s share of British expatriates, it is clear that their culture is perfectly suited to families, professionals and retirees alike.

Through a booming job market, especially within industries that value highly-skilled individuals, and a higher real wage than most parts of the world, the quality of life for expats is extremely favourable.’

Moving to Australia is undoubtedly a huge undertaking, but one that can be made easy when the right services are invested in by prospective expats.

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