Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) Visa (subclass 400)

Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) Visa (subclass 400)


Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) Visa (subclass 400)

Who is this visa for? This temporary visa is applicable for people who come to Australia for short-term, highly specialised non-ongoing work. How do I get this visa? There are several requirements to be granted this visa:
  • You must be either invited or supported by the organisation you will be working for
  • You must specialise in the necessary set of skills, knowledge or experience that is needed but cannot be found in Australia
  • Have access to sufficient funds to support yourself in Australia
  • Have personal attributes consistent with the proposed activity
  • Meet health and character requirements
  • Genuinely intend to stay in Australia for the temporary period granted by the visa
What is the application process? You must apply online, and from outside Australia, for this visa. Eduaid will be a top choice for necessary immigration information and formalities. What are the features and benefits of this visa?
  • This visa lets you stay in Australia for generally up to three months, but there are also exceptions in the form of six month visas
  • You can do specialised, non-ongoing work with this visa
  • You can participate in work or activities relating to Australiaā€™s interests
  • You can apply your family members in your visa application
  • Enter and exit Australia for a given number of times while this visa is valid


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