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If you want to visit or stay in Australia or sponsor someone to visit or stay in Australia, you can get help with the visa process from a registered migration agent. Only registered migration agents can give immigration assistance in Australia.

eduaid has been helping people achieve their goals of moving abroad for almost twenty years! We have been setting standards since day one, and continue to try and improve our services every day!

Yes! We are a registered immigration consultancy firm with the respective governments of Australia, Canada and New Zealand, and all our migration agents are registered with Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA), Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCIC), and Immigration Advisers Authority (IAA) respectively!

At eduaid, we think of clients’ dreams of moving abroad as more than just business – we think of them as opportunities to bring smiles to people’s faces. We strongly believe in providing transparent and wholesome migration services to our clients, and aspire to help all our clients achieve their goals.

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Not necessarily! You can migrate to Australia, Canada or New Zealand with either a permanent or temporary migration visa, and the validity period of your stay will be described in your visa approval letter!

Skilled migration is for skilled individuals who are looking to take their skills abroad and become a part of the foreign workforce.

Business migration is for entrepreneurs and business people who are interested in taking their entrepreneurial and investment activities to foreign countries. From a fresh start up to an established business – the opportunities are endless!

This type of migration is for students looking to continue their education in foreign countries. At present, few countries offer better educational opportunities than Australia, Canada or New Zealand!

Your area of expertise will determine which type of migration is best suited for you. If you are skilled at a particular trade and that trade is listed as an eligible occupation, then you should peruse skilled migration. On the other hand, if you own a business, then business migration is what you should be looking into. Finally, if you want to pursue higher education, then student migration is the way forward for you!

If your occupation is included in the government’s list of eligible occupations, then you are half-qualified already!

Different visa types have specific qualifying conditions for skilled migration. You can find out more about these conditions by browsing through our skilled visa section

Like skilled migration, different business visas also have specific qualifying conditions. You can find out more about these conditions in our business visa articles for Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

Definitely! You can pursue higher education at renowned institutions in Australia, Canada or New Zealand, provided you meet the admission requirements!   

University admission criteria differs from program to program. To pursue higher education abroad, select the program you want to study, then head over to our offices! Our registered migration agents will do the rest!

Different universities have different programs, facilities, tuitions and environments. Once you have all the details about your shortlisted universities, you can consult our registered migration agents at eduaid to help you choose the university best suited for you!

It varies, as different countries – and different visa types, for that matter – have different criteria. However, it usually takes between one to two weeks for Australian visa applications, and up to four weeks for Canadian visa applications.

The different visa types have different conditions and validity periods, which can make it a bit difficult to choose the right visa type. Moreover, most visas have several streams you can follow, which makes it even trickier still. It is always advisable to take expert opinion when choosing a visa type, and this is what our registered migration agents at eduaid specialise in! We will help you identify the right visa type for you, and tell you exactly why other visa types are not a good fit for you!

There are several types of temporary visas, such as visitor visas and temporary skilled and business migration visas. These visas have varying validity periods, which can range from three months to five years!

Of course! You can either move to the country of your choice on a temporary visa and apply for permanent residency from there, or obtain permanent residency from here with a permanent residence visa! You can find out more about how to obtain permanent residency by having a chat with our migration agents and consultants!

Definitely! Provided you meet all the qualifying conditions, you can proceed with applying for citizenship, which our registered migration agents will be more than happy to help you with!

You can currently enlist our help for migration to Australia, Canada and New Zealand!

At present, the Australian government is promoting skilled migration to the regional areas, including Perth, South Australia, Victoria and Queensland! You can find plenty of job opportunities in any of the listed occupations in the skilled migration list!

Temporary migration will allow you to live for a period of time in the country, while permanent migration will allow you to live in the country indefinitely, as a permanent resident!

You can apply for temporary migration visas to Australia with validity periods ranging from anywhere between 3 months to 5 years!

Of course! There is a range of temporary skilled visas you can apply for, provided you meet the requirements!

Again, yes! You can move to Australia with a temporary skilled visa, such as the Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (TSS 482), and apply for permanent residency afterwards with a nomination from an Australian employer!

Australia’s most popular temporary skilled visas include the Skilled Regional visa (subclass 491), the Temporary Skill Shortage visa (TSS 482), the Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485) and the Training visa (subclass 487).

Australia’s most popular permanent skilled visas include the Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189), the Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190), the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS 187), the Skilled Regional visa (subclass 887) and the Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS 186).

Some of the best anywhere in the world! There are numerous prospects for skilled migration to Canada, with the Canadian government recently announcing that it plans to welcome more than a MILLION new migrants over the next three years!

All you have to do is contact eduaid! We will help you identify the right visa type and stream for you, and handle the entire visa application process without letting you worry one bit!

Canada, like Australia, is currently encouraging skilled migration to its regional areas such as Quebec, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. You can apply for a temporary visa to the Canadian provinces, and fulfil your visa requirements to be able to apply for permanent residency in the country!

Canada’s most popular permanent migration schemes include the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program, the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program, the Federal Skilled Worker Program, the Federal Skill Trades Program, and the Experience Class Program.

Currently, there are far more opportunities you can pursue in the regions and provinces compared to the cities. Moreover, even with temporary migration to the regional areas, you can apply for permanent residency soon after, which is not something you can do in the cities!

New Zealand’s temporary skilled visas include Working Holiday visa, the Essential Skills visa and the Work to Residence visa.

New Zealand’s most popular permanent skilled migration visa is the Skilled Migrant visa, which lets you move to the country as a full-fledged permanent resident!

Of course! The Work to Residence visa fits this scenario perfectly! With this visa, you can apply for permanent residency in the country after living and working there for only two years!

EOI stands for Expression of Interest. It is not a visa application; rather, it is something you attach with your visa application. Your EOI is your request to the country’s government to grant you the skilled migration visa so that you can take your skills and experience overseas.

An EOI is necessary for a select few skilled migration visas to Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

Definitely! Our skilled and registered migration agents will help you prepare a flawless EOI so that your visa application is nothing short of perfect!

Different visas have different application costs. For a complete breakdown of the costs, contact our registered migration agents!

While most visas require you to submit a strong visa application, many also require an Expression of Interest (EOI). For a better explanation of how to apply for a specific visa, contact our registered migration agents!