7 Pros of Living in New Zealand

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7 Pros of Living in New Zealand

New Zealand is rapidly becoming one of the more popular migration destinations among expats, and rightly so – the country has seemingly endless facilities and benefits for its residents! To help you make up your mind about applying for migration to New Zealand, here are 7 pros of life as a Kiwi:


1. Plenty of opportunities for skilled and business migrants

New Zealand offers a lot of opportunities to its residents – and more so to skilled and business migrants! The economy continues to grow every day, meaning there are more avenues for entrepreneurs to explore to start new businesses! Moreover, a shortage of local skilled workers means that skilled migrants can become a part of the country’s workforce, in sectors including IT, accountancy and healthcare! This is the prime reason behind New Zealand’s ever-growing popularity as a skilled and business migration destination.


2. Cost of living is extremely sustainable

If you are looking for a country with a high quality of life with a relatively low cost of living, New Zealand fits the bill perfectly! Kiwis enjoy fantastic living standards without burning a hole in their wallets, especially in the bigger cities such as Wellington and Auckland!


3. One of the safest countries in the world

One of the most significant positives about New Zealand is the consistency with which the country ensures safety and security for its residents. Negligible crime rates and a high religious tolerance has seen New Zealand ranked second on the 2019 Global Peace Index!


4. Very little difference between Permanent Residents and Citizens

In New Zealand, permanent residency and citizenship are superficially similar to each other – and that is according to the New Zealand government itself! As a permanent resident in New Zealand, you can vote, travel as you please, and have access to the government-subsidised perks, including healthcare and education!


5. Speaking of healthcare, have we mentioned how awesome it is?

As mentioned above, permanent residents in New Zealand have access to tax-funded public healthcare, meaning that you can benefit from the country’s high-quality medical facilities without breaking your bank!


6. Friendly populace

Another factor which contributes to New Zealand’s popularity among expats is that the people are cordial and helpful towards each other. Moving to New Zealand is guaranteed to make you gush about how amazing the Kiwis are. This is partly down to their very laid-back approach to life in general, and is sure to make you feel welcome and a part of the Kiwi lifestyle from day one!


7. The natural scenery is abundant and staggering

Finally, the natural scenery in New Zealand is some of the most picturesque you will find anywhere in the world. We are talking vast and untouched ranges of landscapes, including mountains, glaciers, rainforests, deserts, fjords, plains, lakes and beaches. You will have no shortage of sightseeing, travelling, and outdoor activities, and the adventurer in you will be more than satiated!

In short, there are numerous pros of life as a Kiwi, which we could go on and on about. You are sure to see life in a different light once you move to New Zealand, and it is inevitable that you will fall in love with life as a Kiwi.

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