Canada’s admirable immigration policy a model to be followed

Canada immigration Policy

Canada’s admirable immigration policy a model to be followed

Canada has one of the most admirable immigration policies anywhere in the world. Over the last few decades, the country has been incredibly welcoming towards immigrants, and this openness to integrating multiculturalism in the Canadian lifestyle has proven to be a highly rewarding approach. Today, almost one-fifth of Canada’s population is comprised of immigrants.

Canada’s immigration process

Most of Canada’s new permanent residents arrive in the country under two classes – Economic and Family.

Under the Economic class, immigrants can arrive in Canada through either the Express Entry system or the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs).

Express Entry

The Express Entry selects the best candidates among all applicants by awarding them points based on factors such as age, education, job offers from Canadian employers, experience and language proficiency. The highest-scoring candidates on Canada’s Points System are invited to apply for permanent residency by the Canadian government every two weeks.

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs)

Under PNPs, candidates apply for immigration to Canadian provinces which require fresh faces to meet economic needs. The regions then select and nominate applicants to the federal government for immigration to the country.

On the other hand, the Family-based immigration class allows relatives such as spouses, partners and children of Canadians to obtain permanent residency in the country. Family members already living in Canada can sponsor their relatives to join them in the country, who can then apply for permanent residency.

How Canada benefits from new arrivals

The influx of new arrivals has helped the Canadian economy to thrive, resulting in the country achieving a first world country-status rapidly. For example, immigrants have helped strengthen Canada’s real estate and labor markets – which are now two pillars of the Canadian economy. Skilled migrants have boosted Canada’s workforce and industries, and the arrival of entrepreneurs on business visas have provided an extra boost to Canadian businesses. Even temporary immigrants, such as international students, have contributed to the growth process, which has immensely helped Canada progress as a nation.

Pro-immigration population

A significant factor in Canada being such a desirable immigration destination is the Canadian population being in favor of new arrivals. Canadian people are among the politest on earth, which makes it much easier for immigrants to settle down in the country. In a 2019 poll, only one-third of all Canadians felt immigration levels needed to be curbed. The majority of Canadians view both immigrants and their own immigration policy positively, which is crucial to Canada remaining a top migration destination.

Government approving permanent residency applications

In addition to the population, the Canadian government itself is exceptionally welcoming towards immigrants. In 2019, Canada embraced approximately 340,000 new permanent residents – the highest numbers recorded in more than a century. The Canadian government recently outlined plans for inviting up to one million permanent residents by 2021 and was set to reach that target before the coronavirus pandemic struck.

Despite the pandemic derailing the immigration momentum, processing of permanent residency applications is still underway. Hope remains of border closures being lifted in the coming months, and immigration services to resume as before.

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