Canada to open borders for international talent from Silicon Valley

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Canada to open borders for international talent from Silicon Valley

Canada, a leading migration destination in the world, has announced it will welcome international talents who find themselves stranded in Silicon Valley due to the Trump administration’s crackdown on immigrant workers.

This announcement comes as welcome news to foreign workers south of the Canadian border, who have been left in limbo following US President Donald Trump’s decision to clamp down hard on the H-1B visas – which allow graduate-level immigrants to work for US companies.

The Trump administration has decided to freeze H-1B visas until the end of the year, which further restricts immigration policies and pathways to the United States.

Following such a hard stance by the US, job listings on Canada’s tech sector have started to look much more promising for international talents currently facing hardships in Silicon Valley.

The message has been heard loud and clear by US tech companies, many of which have already established offices in Canada and expanded their operations in Canadian territory.

In fact, Google expects its number of employees in Canada to grow by 30 per cent by 2022.

Over the past five years, Toronto added more tech talent to its tech-industry workforce than anywhere else in North America, behind only the Bay Area.

Vancouver and Montreal also make the top ten locations in North America where the tech talent pool has grown the most, further underlining Canada’s rapid growth as a skilled migration destination for international talents.

Canada also offers a Start-Up visa program for entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas, as well as a Global Skills Strategy to fast-track visas for skilled workers.