Eligible occupations for New Zealand’s Work to Residence visa

New Zealand Residence visa

Eligible occupations for New Zealand’s Work to Residence visa

New Zealand recently announced three new residence categories for skilled migrants: ‘Straight to Residence’, ‘Work to Residence’ and ‘Highly Paid’.

The new categories will allow accredited employers in New Zealand to hire skilled workers from overseas for specific high-skilled and hard-to-fill occupations.

Foreign nationals can apply for New Zealand immigration with the Work to Residence category if they belong to New Zealand’s Green List Tier 2 occupations, or have an employment offer for one such occupation.

The eligible occupations for New Zealand’s Work to Residence visa include:

  • Anaesthetic Technician (ANZSCO 311211);
  • Audiologist (ANZSCO 252711);
  • Automotive Electrician (ANZSCO 321111);
  • Dairy Cattle Farmer (Dairy Cattle Farm Manager including Dairy Farm Manager, Assistant Dairy Farm Manager and Dairy Herd Manager) (ANZSCO 121313);
  • Diesel Motor Mechanic (including Heavy Vehicle Inspector) (ANZSCO 321212);
  • Early Childhood (pre-primary school) Teacher – Registered (ANZSCO 241111);
  • Electrician (general) (ANZSCO 341111);
  • Medical Diagnostic (Medical Imaging Technologist) (ANZSCO 251211);
  • Medical Laboratory Technician (ANZSCO 311213);
  • Medical Radiation Therapist (ANZSCO 251212);
  • Midwife (ANZSCO 254111);
  • Occupational Therapist (ANZSCO 252411);
  • Plumber (General) (ANZSCO 334111);
  • Podiatrist (ANZSCO 252611);
  • Registered Nurse (Aged Care) (ANZSCO 254412);
  • Registered Nurse (Child and Family Health) (ANZSCO 254413);
  • Registered Nurse (Community Health) (ANZSCO 254414);
  • Registered Nurse (Critical Care and Emergency) (ANZSCO 254415);
  • Registered Nurse (Developmental Disability) (ANZSCO 254416);
  • Registered Nurse (Disability and Rehabilitation) (ANZSCO 254417);
  • Registered Nurse (Medical Practice) (ANZSCO 254421);
  • Registered Nurse (Medical) (ANZSCO 254418);
  • Registered Nurse (Mental Health) (ANZSCO 254422);
  • Registered Nurse (Paediatrics) (ANZSCO 254425);
  • Registered Nurse (Perioperative) (ANZSCO 254423);
  • Registered Nurse (Surgical) (ANZSCO 254424);
  • Registered Nurses nec (ANZSCO 254499);
  • Secondary School Teacher (ANZSCO 241411);
  • Sonographer (ANZSCO 251214).