Foreign Tech Workers Turning to Canada over the USA


Foreign Tech Workers Turning to Canada over the USA

Although the US is experiencing a boom in its tech field, foreign interest in the country’s tech jobs is not. 

This is largely down to the increasingly complicated and unwelcome immigration system employed by the current administration.

Just up North, the situation is in stark contrast. Foreign tech workers are queuing up in thousands, and also being granted visas and employment opportunities accordingly.

Since the beginning of 2018, foreign interest in American tech jobs has mostly remained constant. 

Canada, on the other hand, has outlined plans to welcome more than 1 million new migrants within 2020. 

This is where Canada outperforms the USA by leaps and bounds. Canada is a far superior destination for skilled migrants at the moment.

In fact, the share of foreign interest in Canadian jobs grew more than 50 percent in the past four years. Included in this increase is a rise of 55 percent in employment in the tech sector.  

Comparatively, even though foreign interest in Canada’s tech industry is not as prominent, it is still higher than America’s. In Canada, foreign interest in tech jobs has increased as a share of all interests.

This has led to the CEOs of the leading tech companies in the USA to call for immigration reform, especially given that the tech sector is by far the most significant contributor to the US economy.

In hindsight, maybe Donald Trump’s “Buy American, Hire American” policy has come as a blessing in disguise to tech wizards looking for skilled immigration.