International students report positive experience in Australia

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International students report positive experience in Australia

International students enrolled in higher education programs in Australia reported positive experiences in 2022, a survey has found.

According to the Student Experience Survey, more than 93 per cent of international undergraduate students rated their overall living experiences in Australia as positive.

The survey was run by the Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching, which is known as Australia’s most comprehensive student survey.

The survey received 52,316 valid responses from international students in Australia – a 33.6 per cent response rate.

The total ratio of international students who participated in the survey and said they had a positive experience rose to 74.4 per cent in 2022 – up from a low of 63 per cent in 2020.

Previously, there was always a ratings gap between international students and their domestic peers in their living experiences in Australia.

However, this gap has been bridged as per the latest survey, with the quality of the entire educational experience in 2022 finishing at 76.2 per cent for domestic students and 74.4 per cent for international students.

In addition, more than 91 per cent international undergraduate students were pleased with their accommodation experience in 2022.

The survey found that teaching quality – which has the greatest influence on the overall quality of the educational experience for students – rose to the highest point ever recorded in 2022.

Australian domestic students said the teaching quality was an 80.1 per cent positive experience for them, while international students rated the teaching quality at a similar positive rating of 80.2 per cent.

International student experiences in learner engagement and learning resources also increased “substantially” in 2022, after falling to historic lows during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The findings of the survey were overwhelmingly positive after negative experiences during the pandemic, when students faced difficulties due to border closures, lockdowns and online classes.

The Student Experience Survey also broke down experiences at Australian educational institutions, with Avondale University getting a 92 per cent positive rating from international student respondents.

Bond University was next with an 83.5 per cent positive rating, followed by Central Queensland University at 82.4 per cent and James Cook University and the University of Western Australia, both at 81.2 per cent.