Massive Influx in Australian Citizenship Approval

Massive Influx in Australian Citizenship Approval

People migrate to Australia for a range of reasons – education, business, or even a better life. Among these, a strong economy is a fantastic instigator for people’s decision to move to Australia. In addition, the way of life is much adored – Australia has consistently been ranked among the happiest nations in the world in the last few years. As a result, the number of migration hopefuls is increasing every year, and citizenship applications in particular are at an all-time high.

Currently, the number of citizenships being approved in Australia is much higher than this stage last year. No less than 45,000 citizenship applications were finalized between July and October this year, of which 39,000 applications have already been approved. In contrast, only 15,500 approvals were approved within a similar time frame last year. In other words, not only has the number of citizenships granted increased – it has more than doubled, within just a year!

According to Mr. David Coleman, the Minister for Immigration, Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs, this influx was aided by a new investment to boost resources within the Department of Home Affairs. Australia has been investing efforts and finances in their immigration, citizenship, natural security, law enforcement, emergency management, border control, refugees, and multicultural affairs, which has enabled the nation to provide more migrants with a citizenship.

In the modern day, while many countries have been closing their doors to immigrants, Australia has been opening its own. This is evident in the words of Mr. Coleman, who claims that this increase in the number of citizenships granted has prevailed in the face of increased integrity measures and other complexities.

New citizens are assured of a smooth transition to life as an Australian, thanks to the government’s implementation of a range of policies and measures since 2015 in order to prepare for this influx. This also protects immigrants and natives against any dangers that might come along with this significant increase in population.

Moreover, the government is not only trying to sustain this new population, they are also trying to make the application process for citizenship more feasible. This ensures that even though the acceptance rate has increased, applicants are not deterred by the lengthy process and extensive paperwork. Rather, they have every reason to be more optimistic than ever; the cultural diversity and freedom of belief virtually guarantees every migrant a better quality of life in Australia.

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