Migration to Australia – Five fun things to do in Sydney

Migration to Australia

Migration to Australia – Five fun things to do in Sydney

During the dark times of COVID-19, holidays and vacation plans have become nonexistent with practically the entire world in lockdown. However, we should look ahead to prepare for the time when things return to normality, when we can visit new places again and enjoy the diversity of the world around us! If you plan to visit Australia after travel restrictions are lifted, Sydney is the place to go to, and to help you make the most of your time in Sydney, we have assembled a list of five fun activities to pursue in the city!

1. Indoor skydiving

One for the thrill-seekers, iFly Indoor Skydiving lets you experience skydiving artificially via a simulation, where you can glide through a wind tunnel and sense the inimitable feeling of weightlessness! You can either go for simple hovering over the ground or try out free fall, spinning, or walking on walls at the largest skydiving tunnel in Sydney!

2. Swimming with sharks

If you consider yourself something of an adrenaline junkie, you can go cage-diving in an aquarium full of sharks and satiate your need for exhilarating adventures! You don’t need any previous experience to get a taste of this; your instructor will guide you through the whole event, ensuring total safety!

3. Floating in hot air balloons

If you are looking for a quieter alternative to enjoying Sydney, you can do that away from the rumblings of the busy city, and sit up in the sky – literally – in Sydney’s famous hot air balloons! You can witness breathtaking sunrises and sunsets on the vibrant Sydney skyline ahead of you, as well as overlook the massive landscape below while your balloon gently glides forwards! Balloon flights depart from some of Sydney’s most spectacular locations, such as Camden, Mudgee and the Hunter Valley, and are guaranteed to create memories that last you a lifetime!

4. Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

One for the sightseers, the finely designed arc of the Sydney Harbour Bridge attracts scores of visitors from all over the world. If you so wish, you can even ascend the complex structure – 134 meters above sea level – and take in a magical 360-degree panoramic view from atop Sydney’s living icon! And no, you do not need to be Spiderman to climb the bridge; you can simply follow a guide up the trails, built as design!

5. Hornby Lighthouse

Finally, the iconic red and white striped Hornby Lighthouse at Sydney Harbour National Park is an excellent spot to observe the beauty of nature. This ancient tower, built in 1858, is still functional and is accessible to tourists. Surrounded by magnificent views, it is also an excellent spot for whale-watching, and is sure to provide you with a refreshing experience!