Migration to Australia

migrate to australia

Migration to Australia

Definitely, however, we need to read the following article carefully in order to understand the whole perspective. 

Technological advancement has long been the key to the development and prosperity of a country, and engineering has been an important driver of this innovation. In the current world we exist in, no country will succeed without implementation of engineering practices. 

But where those engineers are coming from? 

Over the past few decades United States, Japan and other developed nations shaped the majority of the world’s engineering graduates. However, things have started to change and a significant number of new engineering, construction and manufacturing graduates now come from developing and emerging countries. 

Job Satisfaction and Improved Lifestyle drive the most 

Most of the engineers who are working in developing countries have no job satisfaction. The reason behind this is occupational stress and minimum wages. That is why a significant number of engineers from developing and emerging countries are working as expatriate or looking for opportunities to migrate to developed nations for job satisfaction and improved lifestyle. 

Australia? Key figures say it all

Those who are looking for work and live opportunities for betterment of life and career, Australia could be the perfect destination. 

The demand for engineers in Australia is measured by the numbers employed. In 2006, the demand for engineers was 194,570, however, the demand increased by 30.8% by 2011 to 254,515; equivalent to annual compound growth of 5.5%. On contrast, around 9,000 engineering students per year are graduating from Australian universities. The number of domestic students graduating, the figure’s been relatively unchanged for a decade. The truth is Australia simply does not have enough engineers to meet demand. 

Skilled migration is an established feature of the engineering labour market in Australia. Between 2006 and 2011, 71.4% of the increase in Australia’s supply of qualified engineers came from skilled migration. 

According to a recent survey in Australia, the average salary for a Civil Engineer is AUD71,393 per year, AUD75,505 per year for Electrical Engineer, Mechanical Engineer earns an average salary of AUD72,030 per year, Software Engineer is AUD72,912 per year and pay for a Telecommunications Engineer is AUD70,139 per year. However, the average annual income of senior engineers are well above 6-digit figure which is up to AUD3,23,502 (Source: APESMA, Professional Engineer Remuneration Survey Report). 

Realistic Job Opportunities

Leading Australian job portal Seek (www.seek.com.au) has approximately 13,000 engineering category job positions on daily basis; however, to avail these job positions the employers seek candidate with full-time work permission. The Australian skilled migration program could be the best option as it allows one to live and work in Australia indefinitely with family members. And this visa leads to Australian citizenship as well. 

Eventually, a job seeker is not only getting the Australian Passport, but also enjoying the high quality lifestyle that make Australia the most stunningly perfect place to live.