More than 640,000 international students in Canada

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More than 640,000 international students in Canada

Canada currently accommodates a staggering 642,000 international students, making the country the third-leading destination for higher education of international students.

According to data from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the international student population grew by 13 per cent in the country in 2019, ensuring yet another double-digit growth following the previous year.

Of this 642,000, 404,000 new international students had their study permits take effect for the first time.

Over the last decade alone, the international student population in Canada has tripled, moving the country to third place globally, behind the United States of America and Australia.

A growth in the world’s middle-class population, coupled with Canadian colleges and universities needing to recruit international students to sustain themselves financially, has had a significant impact on this remarkable rise in the global student population.

Moreover, Canada boasts some of the very best universities in the world, including the University of British Columbia, University of Toronto and McGill University – dream destinations for higher studies for any international student.

Ontario the largest beneficiary of international students in Canada

Among all Canadian provinces, Ontario is by far the most popular among international students – it hosted nearly 50 per cent (approximately 307,000 people) of the global student population in 2019!

The next most popular destination is British Columbia, with 23 per cent (145,000 people) reported to being in the province in 2019.

Third is Quebec, with 14 per cent (87,000 people) of all the international students in the country studying in the province in 2019.

Among all provinces, though, Prince Edward Island experienced the most substantial growth over the last decade – a five-fold increase in the number of international students since 2010!

Factors making Canada such a powerful magnet for international students

According to research by the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE), international students choose Canada as their higher study destination because of the country’s excellent education quality, as well as its reputation for having a multicultural and tolerant society.

The Canadian people are hailed as being some of the nicest anywhere in the world, which actively encourages scores of international students to opt for Canada over other countries.

The country also offers students plenty of opportunities to work while studying, followed by a post-graduation work permit to gain Canadian work experience.

After completing their studies, international students can choose from more than 80 economic class immigration streams, many of which offer them Express Entry with the chance to obtain permanent residency in the country.

Moreover, international students in Canada bear lower expenses than their American, Australian and British counterparts.

Giving back to the country

As much as Canada provides for its international student population, it also gets plenty back in return! According to Canadian government research, international students contribute around $22 billion annually to the country’s economy and help to sustain more than 170,000 jobs!

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