New Brunswick to focus on increasing Canadian immigration

Canadian immigration

New Brunswick to focus on increasing Canadian immigration

New Brunswick’s provincial government has committed to increasing the number of immigrants moving to the Canadian province to help the population and economy grow further.

The New Brunswick Progressive Conservative Party, winners of the recent provincial government election, has promised to act on its policies to boost the number of newcomers to the region over the next five years.

The province’s new Premier, Blaine Higgs, pledged to see out his government’s plan to attract immigrants to move to Canada, and reach its target of welcoming 10,000 immigrants by 2027.

Mr Higgs said the key to increasing the province’s population was attracting families to the region and encouraging them to stay, and increase New Brunswick’s retention rate in the coming years.

Moreover, he also said he was looking forward to working with higher education institutions to create more opportunities for international students, and help them develop into professionals and skilled workers.

New Brunswick is facing labour shortages, and the Premier said he hopes attracting international workers and students and encouraging them to stay would drive up the province’s economy, and fill an estimated 120,000 job vacancies over the next ten years.

The Premier said plans were also in place for inviting investors to the Canadian province, as well as attracting companies in the emerging sectors, including energy innovation and cybersecurity.