Obtain Permanent Residence in Canada via Express Entry

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Obtain Permanent Residence in Canada via Express Entry

Skilled migrants to Canada will be able to gain permanent residency via Express Entry by accumulating 450 points in their points test.

Specific parameters can be fine-tuned to help skilled migrants score more points on the points test, and boost their chances of obtaining permanent residency in Canada via Express Entry. For example, proficiency in French or having a Canadian education can contribute towards scoring higher in the points test.

“The Express Entry system is based on how likely you are to succeed in Canada. Language ability, education, work experience, having a valid job offer and a nomination by a province are the only controllable factors to focus on to improve points,” said Stephen Green, managing partner at Green and Spiegel consultancy firm.

Having a job offer in Canada helps skilled migrants score additional points on their points test, which is necessary for Express Entry to the country, he explained.

Applicants are awarded 200 points for senior-level management jobs and 50 points for other skilled jobs.

A solid grasp on English or French also adds weight to their applications, with a bonus of 30 points being awarded to applicants with high scores in French.

Applicants who obtain a nomination from an Express Entry-aligned province under the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) are awarded an additional 600 points.

In other words, a provincial nomination essentially guarantees an invitation to apply for permanent residency in Canada.

In 2017, more than 13,000 PNPs were linked with Express Entry – a number nearly 75% up from the previous year.

Different provinces have different labour market needs, which ensures that virtually every skilled migrant can find employment opportunities upon arrival in Canada.

For example, provinces such as British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia rely on in-demand occupations and nominate skilled immigrants to apply for Express Entry.

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