Regional Australia inviting 45,000 skilled migrants


Regional Australia inviting 45,000 skilled migrants

Regional Australia posted more than 45,000 job vacancies in August 2020, and is crying out for skilled workers to migrate to Australia.

The number of vacancies is already 14 per cent more than the figures for July, and many of the vacancies are in the renewable energy sector.

Recent research indicates vacancies could continue to grow until 2025.

In New South Wales alone, job vacancies have risen by 50 per cent in August compared to last year. The South-West of Western Australia has 32 per cent more job openings than a year ago, while Clare Valley and the Yorke Peninsula in South Australia has 25 per cent more vacancies.

This is in complete contrast to the majority of general perception, as verified by Regional Australia Institute (RAI) chief economist Kim Houghton, who said job vacancies continue to remain a persistent thorn in the side of regional Australia.

One possible solution to growing job vacancies could be introducing a new temporary skilled migration visa to Australia, according to Australia’s Committee for the Economic Development (CEDA).