Skilled immigration to New Zealand in line for a boost

Skilled immigration New Zealand

Skilled immigration to New Zealand in line for a boost

Skilled workers interested in New Zealand immigration have been given hope of priority processing by the country’s ACT Party.

Speaking at a press release, ACT’s Spokesperson for Immigration Dr James McDowall said the ACT Party would focus on prioritising and streamlining the immigration process for skilled foreign workers looking to move to New Zealand.

Businesses and other major infrastructure projects in New Zealand have been suffering from a desperate shortage of local skilled workers, and with border closures preventing new skilled immigrants from entering the country, the economy has been negatively impacted.

New Zealand has a population of approximately 5 million people, with 2.4 million being members of the local workforce. 300,000 domestic workers are set to retire by 2030 – meaning that New Zealand will lose 6 per cent of its local workforce within the next 10 years.

This has resulted in the country needing an influx of foreign workers to work in New Zealand.

The ACT Party also outlined plans to attract skilled and semi-skilled workers from overseas to support the local workforce and help employers find suitably qualified employees for their businesses to restart the country’s economic growth.