New Skilled Visa to Australia key to economic recovery

Skilled Visa to Australia

New Skilled Visa to Australia key to economic recovery

Temporary skilled migration with a new skilled visa to Australia will prove hugely beneficial to the country’s post-pandemic recovery, Australia’s Committee for Economic Development (CEDA) has found.

According to results of a research conducted by CEDA, the Australian government should facilitate the expansion of multinational businesses in the country by introducing an “intra-company transfer” visa, which would allow skilled foreign workers to help drive up Australia’s economy.

The report also found that Australia’s success in tackling the pandemic has made the country more appealing as an immigration destination to international students and skilled migrants.

As a result, the federal government should take advantage of strict travel restrictions imposed by other countries and promote skilled migration to Australia, to lead the economic recovery during the post-pandemic slump.

Jarrod Ball, chief economist of CEDA, called on the government to ensure attracting the best and brightest from around the world and improve the country’s skilled migration numbers once the travel restrictions are lifted.