TIM STERN is joining eduaid team 

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TIM STERN is joining eduaid team 

December 14, 2016 eduaid has confirmed that TIMOTHY PAUL STERN, a prolific Solicitor of Supreme Court of Victoria, Australia and experienced Registered Migration Adviser (MARN: 1569119) will join eduaid team for contributing through his profound knowledge on various immigration matters.

“Since the last few years eduaid has been expanding its operation in different locations, joining of Tim will definitely ease the pressure on our team of Immigration Consultants. At the same time we would like to ensure that the existing level of optimum service will be maintained for each of our clients”, CEO of eduaid said on Monday. 

TIM STERN is joining eduaid team  - eduaidTim has got experience in wide areas of Immigration Law including Business Innovation, Investor, Significant & Premium Investor and Entrepreneur streams, Special category visas, AAT/MRT/RR Tribunal Appeals, Skilled visas and other complex visa matters. Apart from Immigration Laws, his ongoing interest is in, inter alia, consumer, personal injury, commercial, employment, medical and copyright law. 

Tim has been the recipient of various awards throughout his career. He is the UPE Moot Court winner for facts relating to crimes in international waters with a judge from France presiding. He also won Grahamstown Eisteddfod Gold Award and De Beers English Olympiad Gold Award. 

“I pride myself on my meticulous nature which ensures my effectiveness and professional success”, Tim said while discussing his new role. 

Outside his professional activities, Tim enjoys spending time with his family. He was also a team member of the University Rugby team and played Tennis for the high school team. He is a member of the Debating & Hiking club and has a huge passion for website development and Java programming. 

"As a well-versed in immigration law, we are delighted to welcome Tim in our team", CEO of eduaid said.