Popular festivals in Canada

Popular festivals in Canada

Popular festivals in Canada

Popular festivals in Canada and its people enjoy and celebrations. Canadians are a friendly and outgoing bunch, and hold and participate in festivals in the country almost all year round. To familiarize you with popular festivals in the country, here are five festivals that Canadians love!

1. Canada Day Celebration

Canada celebrates its birthday on the first of July every year. On this national occasion, all the streets are adorned in the red and white of the Canadian national flag. Canada Day is celebrated throughout the country, with vivacious parades, breathtaking fireworks shows, and Canadian delicacies making the air magical all day long!

2. Montreal Jazz Festival

Every year Montreal holds the biggest jazz festival in the world, with over a hundred thousand jazz lovers taking to the streets to celebrate. In this 10-day long, vibrant fiesta, more than eight hundred concerts are performed by musicians who gather to take part from all over the world. In addition, more than two-thirds of the festival events are entirely free of cost, which makes it even more inclusive and enjoyable!

An additional fun fact: the Montreal Jazz Festival holds the 2004 Guinness World Record as the largest jazz festival in the world!

3. Winterlude

The ice carnival, Winterlude, is an annual winter festival held in Ottawa, Ontario, and Gatineau, Quebec. This festival is popular among tourists for its exclusive exhibition of ice sculptures, ice art, kids’ activities, and musical events. Winterlude’s main attraction is the world’s largest skate rink, Rideau Canal Skateway, which helps attract hundreds of thousands of visitors to the festival every year!

4. The Calgary Stampede

The Calgary Stampede is the world’s largest rodeo, where more than a million people gather to party non-stop over ten days. It is held in July every year in Calgary, Alberta. This famous festival exhibits Canada’s cultural diversity through art shows, street dance performances, concerts, and many more exciting events, including the Calgary Stampede Rodeo, Evening Show, Dog Bowl and live music!

5. Celebration of Lights

Witness the fireworks extravaganza choreographed with music that will leave you awestruck! In this summer event held in Vancouver for three nights at the end of July, three selected countries compete with fireworks to light up the sky over English Bay with stunning bright glittering colors. The magical bursts of color turn the sky into an artist’s canvas, and create a lifetime of memories for spectators!