Bridging Visa E – BVE (050/051)

Bridging Visa E – BVE 050/051

Bridging Visa E – BVE (050/051)

The Bridging Visa E – BVE (subclass 050-051) is a temporary visa allowing you to lawfully live in Australia if you are planning your exit, awaiting a decision about your immigration, or taking care of your immigration matters.

How do I get this visa?

The BVE has two types: Bridging (General) visa (subclass 050) and Bridging (Protection Visa Applicant) visa (subclass 051).

For BVE (subclass 050), you either should already have a BVE (subclass 050), or hold a BVD (subclass 041). Moreover, to apply for this visa, you must meet one of the following requirements:

  • You are arranging for your departure from Australia, or

  • You are preparing your application for a substantive visa, or

  • You are seeking merits or judicial review of a visa or citizenship decision, or

  • You are seeking ministerial intervention.

You will be eligible for a BVE (subclass 051) if:

  • You were refused – or bypassed – immigration clearance, which you addressed within 45 days.

  • You are in immigration detention.

  • You have applied for a protection visa.

Are there any other conditions?

You must meet the necessary health and age requirements before you can apply for the BVE (subclass 051).

You must also comply with all Australian laws and the terms of your visa.

How do I apply for this visa?

You can apply online for this visa.  

To apply for a BVE (subclass 050), you need to complete Form 1008 – Application for a Bridging Visa E – subclass 050.

To replace an expired bridging visa, or to change visa conditions, you should complete Form 1005 – Application for a Bridging Visa.

You can submit your completed visa application by email. You can also post it, as well as submit it in person, to your closest Visa and Citizenship Office around Australia.

For expert help in preparing the visa application and moving to Australia, contact eduaid.

What are the features and benefits of this visa?

Once your substantive visa expires and you are either making arrangements to depart Australia or awaiting immigration decisions, then you can use this visa to stay in Australia lawfully for a short time. 

You can also work in Australia with this visa, but only in exceptional circumstances – when you are in a deep financial crisis, for example.