Study in Australia


Australia offers a high standard of living in a safe and friendly study environment. Australian cities are always ranked among the most safe and livable cities in the world. By studying in an English speaking country you will be able to improve your English quickly. Australia is a politically stable, safe and friendly country that welcomes international students. International students in Australia can work up to 40 hours per fortnight while studying and unlimited hours during vacation, allowing them to earn money, gain useful work experience in a foreign country and meet a variety of new people.

Student Visa Renewal I Student Visa extension in Australia

To Student Visa Renewal, you need to either leave Australia before the expiration of your existing visa or lodge a new application. If your visa expires, you should contact the authorities as soon as possible; doing so more than 28 days after the

Student Guardian Visa 590

Student Guardian Visa 590 is applicable for parents or guardians who wish to stay in Australia with international students who are less than 18 years old. How do I get Student Guardian Visa 590? To be eligible for Student Guardian Visa 590, you mus

Student Visa 500

The Student Visa 500 allows prospective students to stay in Australia and study full-time in a recognised education institution. How do I get Student Visa 500? Since Student Visa 500 is a highly popular visa subclass, there are several requirements